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Common Faults and Solutions for LED Point Light

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Common Faults of LED Point Light Source Lamps and Their Solutions:

Fault One: After powering up, the controller's fault light blinks; the point light source does not light up, and there's no animation effect output?

  • Solution: This usually happens because the controller didn't read the card correctly, resulting in no effective control program being output. Possible reasons include:

    • (1) The SD card is empty, lacking effect files.

    • (2) The program file names on the SD card are incorrect.

    • (3) The SD card was not formatted as required before copying effect files.

    • (4) The effect files on the SD card do not match the lamp chip and controller model; contact the manufacturer to remake the effect files.

    • (5) Update the SD card, then test to eliminate the possibility of SD card damage.

Fault Two: After powering up, the controller's indicator light is normal, with signal output, but the point light source shows no effect change.

  • Solution: The common causes for this situation include:

    • (1) Check whether the lamp signal line is correctly connected to the controller.

    • (2) The external control lamp signal has an in and out direction. Ensure the control signal enters from the signal end of the first lamp.

    • (3) Check if the correct model* was selected when creating the effect file. Ensure the LED on the SD card matches the chip used in the current lamps.

    • (4) Both the lamp and controller must be grounded, meaning the lamp's ground wire GND should connect to the controller's ground wire GND.

Fault Three: After connecting the controller to the lamps, the effects change but the lamps flicker while the controller's indicator light shows normal.

  • Solution:

    • (1) There is no connection between the ground wire of the controller and the lamps.

    • (2) The lamp's power voltage is insufficient.

    • (3) The effect created on the SD card is incorrect; the selected lamp chip doesn't match the actual lamp chip.

    • (4) The distance from the controller to the first lamp is too far (distance > 10 meters), leading to unstable signal transmission.

Fault Four: After powering up, the controller and some lights in the front work normally, but the lights in the back start malfunctioning from a certain point.

  • Solution: In this case, some of the lights in the back can't receive the signal correctly. The common reasons are:

    • (1) In cases where individual lamps have IC faults or signal lines are damaged, generally, the first lamp in the wrong position that doesn't light up or the lamp before it can be replaced.

    • (2) The number of light sources was reduced when programming (for example, 9000 were used, but only 8000 were programmed), so there's no animation effect later. Contact the manufacturer to rewrite the program.

Fault Five: After powering up, the controller works normally, but the layout of lights changes abnormally, different from the designed video effects.

  • Solution: This is caused by the loading order of the lamps being inconsistent with the designed calibration diagram. Adjust the order and location of loading lamps according to the designed calibration diagram, or input the actual arrangement and connections of the loading lamps into the computer for reprogramming.

Fault Six: After powering on, all point light sources can be changed normally, but some point light sources display colors different from the others.

  • Solution: This is generally due to one of the R, G, B chips being damaged, causing the display to lose color. Simply replace the problematic point light sources.

Fault Seven: The SD card can't be formatted when copying the program?

  • Answer:

    • (1) First, confirm whether the protective switch on the side of the SD card is unlocked, with the unlocking direction towards the end of the SD card.

    • (2) If the protective lock is opened as required, but it still can't be formatted, most likely, the SD card reader is damaged. Please replace the SD card reader.

    • (3) If the above actions still don't solve the formatting issue, replace the SD card and retest.

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