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LED high bay's application and technical characteristics

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The main application places of LED high bay lamps

LED high bay lamps are an alternative for traditional halogen lamps, which have the characteristics of higher brightness and better directivity. It can be seen from the characteristics of LED high bay lamps that the popularity of LED high bay lamps is mainly because customers demand higher brightness.   

1. It is used by people who work in tunnels or mines.   

2.  Large square, commercial lighting;   

3. Large conference rooms, shopping malls and other large indoor places;   

4. Construction sites;   

5. Factory buildings, large warehouses, etc.


Technical points of LED high bay lamps

Due to the large heat generation of LED high bay lamps, the quality of LED high bay lamps is greatly limited, because high temperature accelerates the aging, light decay and color shift of the chip, shortening the use time of LED high bay lamps. To solve this problem, it is necessary to re-dissipate heat and improve the luminous rate of LED high bay lamps. At present, there is still a long way to go to improve the luminous rate of LED high bay lamps. At present, we can only rely on the following factors to improve the quality of LED high bay lamps.   

1. Modular preparation of high-power LED lamps. Light source, heat dissipation, external structure, etc. It is packaged into a complete module, the modules are independent of each other, and any HE module can be replaced separately. When one component fails, only the faulty module needs to be replaced, not the entire lamp.   

2. Enhance the thermal conductivity of the chip, reduce the thermal resistance interface layer, involve the structural mode of the thermal management system, fluid mechanics and engineering applications of superconducting thermal materials, and accelerate heat dissipation.   

3. "Chip-heat dissipation integration (two-layer structure) mode" not only removes the aluminum substrate structure, but also places multiple chips directly on the heat sink to form a single light source of multi-chip module, and prepares a single-light integrated high-power LED lamp, which is a surface light source or a cluster light source.


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