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If you are puzzled between LED beam lights and LED floodlights, reading this will clarify the differences for you.

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Recently, many people have reported to the customer service peple of Lumider Lighting that they do not fully grasp the difference between LED beam lights and LED floodlights, wondering if they are the same. Experts indicate that they are not the same and there are significant differences between the two.


First, let's talk about LED beam lights, which can also be referred to as spotlights, projection lamps, and spot lamps. We often see LED beam lights in architectural decorative lighting or commercial space lighting. LED beam lights have a strong decorative component. They come in various shapes, including round and square. Cooling considerations usually mean these lights differ in appearance from traditional fixtures.


LED beam lights can be simply categorized into four types: rotational and symmetrical, two symmetric planes, one symmetric plane, and asymmetrical. When choosing LED beam lights, we need to consider four points: first, a high-purity aluminum reflector for the most precise beam and the best reflection effect. Second, a symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle, and non-symmetrical distribution system. Third, maintainability with a back-opening design for bulb replacement. Fourth, fixtures come with a scale board for easy adjustment of the lighting angle. LED beam lights, controlled by an internal micro-chip, can produce effects like gradient, jump, color blinking, random blinking, alternating gradient, etc., without a controller in small-scale projects. They can also achieve chasing, scanning, and other effects through DMX control. Key application areas include facade lighting for individual buildings and historical building clusters, internal lighting penetrating outward from buildings, local indoor lighting, landscaping lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facility lighting, and ambiance lighting in bars, ballrooms, and other entertainment venues.


After understanding LED beam lights, let's discuss LED floodlights, which are a type of electric light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions, with an adjustable coverage square. In scene use, multiple floodlights can be used together to produce better effects. From a specific point, it illuminates objects uniformly in all directions and can be placed anywhere in the scene.


It's common to see floodlights outside the camera range or within objects in a scene, using many different colors from a distance. These floodlights can cast and blend shadows on models. Since floodlights illuminate a large area, their lighting effect is also easy to predict, and they have many auxiliary uses, such as placing floodlights close to the surface of an object to create a bright highlight. However, avoid using too many floodlights, as this may render the rendered image flat and dull. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the influence of lighting parameters on layout and accumulate experience to master lighting techniques.


Both LED beam lights and floodlights have their unique features and advantages. When choosing lighting fixtures, it is advisable to select based on specific situations to find the truly suitable lighting solution that meets actual needs.


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