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Luminus launches a brand new RGBL 4-in-1 color LED enhancing the color rendering of traditional RGBW solutions.

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Luminus Devices has introduced a new 4-in-1 RGBL (Red-Green-Blue-Lime) LED product line, designed specifically for stage and architectural lighting systems that require high-output color mixing and a high Color Rendering Index (CRI).


Due to the minimal spacing between each emitting surface, the 4-in-1 RGBL LED offers unparalleled color mixing capabilities, providing lighting designers with a vast palette to create captivating visual effects. The Lime (570 nm primary wavelength) channel replaces the cool white LED used in traditional 4-in-1 LEDs, expanding the color space while also increasing brightness.

These LEDs boast the best lumen output in their class at maximum current, ensuring ample brightness across a color temperature range of 3000K to 8000K while maintaining a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 85 throughout. The driving current of any channel can reach 3 A and 100% DC operational conditions, achieving continuous high lumen output with impeccable reliability.

RGBL LED Features

1) Compared to mainstream RGBW LEDs, custom RGBL can increase brightness (typically by 20%) and CRI (by +5 to +10)

2) Utilizes ceramic phosphor plate technology for higher reliability

3) High system color uniformity: Narrow wavelength range (< 6 nm) for RGB channels and narrow color space (CIEx, CIEy bin) for the Lime channel

4)Designed with a standard base surface (4768 SMT), allowing easy replacement of 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs in existing fixtures for a seamless product upgrade


"Luminus is committed to delivering the best LED solutions for the entertainment and stage lighting market. Our new 4-in-1 RGBL LED technology enables our customers to design or upgrade fixtures with high lumen output and exceptional reliability. This product leverages Luminus’ ceramic phosphor plate-based green light conversion technology, offering unparalleled performance at very high current drives, setting a new standard for the 40W color mixing market." — Yves Bertic, Senior Business Line Director at Luminus

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