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LED wall washers' features and applications

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  What is LED wall washer? Wall washers are used to lighting up the wall of a building, just like brushing the wall like water. The main use of wall washers is to create urban night scenes and decorative design lighting fixtures. It can also be used for corridors in medium and large buildings. Due to the characteristics of LED chip with high environmental protection, energy saving, rich color and long use time, the wall washer of other light sources is gradually replaced by LED wall washer and the performance parameters of LED wall washer are basically the same as LED spotlights.   

      There are also many types of LED wall washer designs, such as bar, ring, and square; length and size can be selected independently, suitable for building facade lighting or landscape lighting. The control method has also developed from the original master-slave online control to offline or built-in control, and the installation method is also suitable for wireless network DMX control, so that each group of LED lamp beads can be freely matched with the actual lighting effect to achieve different color shaping results, creating a completely different visual impact for large and medium-sized buildings.   

     The direct lighting distance of high-power LED wall washer is 10-1m, which is very suitable for interactive landscape lighting of the exterior wall of government departments, such as urban lighting, commercial service places, subway stations, viaducts, building walls, buildings, and landscape projects. There are practical effects such as red, white, yellow, green, blue, and colorful fading.   

According to the organic combination of light and water, it creates a sense of movement and brings a fairy-tale feeling.



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