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Parameter introduction of LED wall washer

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Compared with other good engineering products LED wall washers are more prominent in enhancing the expected results of architectural engineering appearance and design decoration. Of course, such an important lighting equipment product must also be given special attention when maintaining. To ask the technology and technology of LED wall washer manufacturers and overhead crane installation workers. Compared with the maintenance of road street lights, the lighting project of a commercial center, as long as one light is not on, will be very conspicuous. Therefore, the early selection of reliable quality LED wall washer manufacturers is a very serious and meticulous difficulty.

LED wall washer and LED line light are similar to each other, let's introduce the main parameters of LED wall washer.

1. Working voltage: The working voltage of LED wall washer can be subdivided into: 220v, 110v, 36v, 24v, 12v, so pay attention to the corresponding working voltage when choosing a switching power supply.   

2. Working temperature: Since wall washers are generally used outdoors, this main parameter becomes very critical, and the requirements for environmental temperature are also very high. Generally, the specified outdoor temperature can work at -40°C and 60°C. The outdoor wall washer is aluminum shell, good heat dissipation, and the general wall washer can meet the requirements.   

3. Number of LED lamp beads: The total number of light-emitting diodes for general wall washers is 9/300 mm, 18/60 mm, 27/900 mm, 36/1000 mm and 36/1200 mm.   

4. Waterproof grade This is the main parameter of the wall washer, and it is also the main index value that affects the quality of the wall washer at this stage. We have to carry out strict regulations, stipulating that the waterproof level of outdoor applications is above IP65. It is also necessary to specify the corresponding compression resistance, crack resistance, high and low temperature test, flame retardant, impact aging grade IP65, 6 represents complete avoidance of smoke.


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