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Why is Stainless Steel Used for the Body of LED Underwater Lights?

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Friends who have used outdoor lighting products might have noticed that, unlike other outdoor lights which are primarily made of aluminum LED underwater lights are generally composed of stainless steel. But why is this the case?

Today, the editor from Lumider Lighting an outdoor lighting manufacturer, will discuss this question in detail:

Firstly, we should examine the densities of metals such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Generally, the density of iron is 7.8g/cm^3, aluminum's density is 2.69g/cm^3, while chromium stainless steel has a density of 7.75g/cm^3, and chromium-nickel stainless steel has a density of 7.93g/cm^3. Common stainless steels, like 304 and 316, are part of the chromium-nickel stainless steel category. It is easy to see that aluminum has a lower density. If submerged in water for long periods, water molecules can easily penetrate into the lamp body, affecting its lifespan. Iron and stainless steel have similar densities, but why isn’t iron used? The reason is quite simple. Iron easily oxidizes, or rusts, in air and water, making it unsuitable for lamp bodies. Therefore, stainless steel is the only option for LED underwater lamp bodies.

Secondly LED underwater lights are submerged for extended periods and exposed to outdoor water sources with varying acidity and alkalinity, making them susceptible to other chemical reactions with the lamp body. Using a non-stainless steel lamp body rashly could easily cause such situations.

The above is all the information shared by Lumider Lighting.

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