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Features and Application Range of LED Line Lights

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Characteristics and Application Range of LED Line Lights:

LED line lights are used to enhance the overall level of illumination and create unique night-time landscapes. Among which, the LED line light show at the Zhonghua Gate is a standout feature, offering an interactive experience for both residents and tourists.

A large number of LED line lights capable of producing light show effects are installed scientifically. Through the remote control of technology, sound, and photoelectricity, the integration of light with light reveals the historical and cultural charm of Nanzheng. The fountains employ scientific illumination, coupled with the sounds of the square, to create harmony and provide visitors with a unique, colorful, refined, and impressive visual and auditory feast.

Under the same conditions, the illuminance of a 3W LED and a 35W halogen lamp cup was tested. Within a range of 3 meters, the center illuminance of the LED light source is much higher than that of the halogen lamp cup. In practical applications, the common lighting range of lamp cups is between 1-3 meters. As can be easily seen from the figure, the lighting effect of the 3W LED line light is significantly superior to that of the 35W halogen lamp cup, mainly because the halogen lamp cup does not make good use of its luminous flux.

1. Check the label on the fixture. Normally, reputable line light manufacturers will label their products with specific parameters before they leave the factory. Through these labels, the voltage used by the line lights can be checked.

2. What if there's no label? There is no label indicating the voltage on the light. If the light is covered with transparent tape, making the components inside the body clearly visible, it is possible to infer the voltage by the number of components such as beads, resistors, capacitors, etc., and then test from low to high voltage.

During the test of the light's illumination conditions, some electrical measuring tools can be chosen to aid the testing. If the parts inside the light body are not visible from outside, it is necessary to disassemble the light for inspection.

As an LED line light manufacturer, we know the industry isn't as big as it once was. Firstly, because there are now more players who have entered the industry with the belief that there is money to be made in LED line lights. Consequently, there's an oversupply of products, and they don't attract much attention. This is one of the minor reasons. Another reason is the current chaos surrounding the pricing of LED line light products. For example, the same LED line light might have a far-fetched quoted price, which affects the entire market. However, some LED line light manufacturers focus too much on price, deterring many customers with just the mention of it.


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