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Types of LED Point Light

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What are the types of LED point light sources?

  1. In terms of specifications: Available in sizes like 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, and so on, generally ranging from 2 cm to 20 cm. In recent years, low-power point light sources of 2 to 5 cm have become the more mainstream products with a wide range of industrial applications.
  2. In appearance: They come in shapes like round, square, diamond, and other special forms. Of course, the round shape is classic and widely used.
  3. Looking at the material: There are PC casings, automotive aluminum bases, lenses, flat caps, spherical caps, transparent casings, translucent casings, etc.
  4. Regarding control methods: DMX512 (differential parallel and single-line parallel) and SPI-TTL (breakpoint resume transmission and single-line series) are relatively mainstream.

Why do LED point light source lamps vary in price?

Combining the unique advantages of the product to explain the price concerns of customers; it's important to clarify that market demand is diversified, and no single product can meet the requirements of all customers. The diversity of the market inevitably leads to different positioning and grades of products to meet the requirements of different customers.

With the popularity of LEDs, their range of applications has also become more extensive. Large-scale projects like the Hangzhou G20 Summit and Shenzhen's 40th Anniversary Light Show, which involve investments of hundreds of millions or even billions, use point light sources for multi-layer linkage. On the smaller end, you might find uses for point light sources in your local shop's signage or even on a spicy snack cart on the street; obviously, the point light sources used in these two scenarios vary greatly and certainly are not the same grade or price.

Some engineers say we also use the more expensive ones, but there are indeed better ones, such as adding an aluminum base to the casing for heat dissipation or using imported special materials. Objectively speaking, such products are distinctly different from previous grades and significantly higher in quality; these products meet other needs and are beyond the scope of our discussion today.

How to choose LED point light sources at different prices?

  1. According to customer requirements, which is common in large and medium-sized projects. These projects generally involve large contract amounts, and the client or design institute will specify clear standards and requirements. For example, for Sobert's full-color G20, the requirements might be: DMX512 control, RGB beads with CREE chips, and outdoor-specific wires with an 8cm center distance; we just need to calculate the price, produce and order as needed.
  2. Based on an acceptable budget is a common way to choose. Typically, customers can buy products at any price they are willing to accept. For instance, for a full-color sign, if the store budget is 20,000 yuan, excluding other expenses and profits, it's found that 6000 lamps should be controlled within 5000 yuan. How to choose them? Clearly, a few yuan won't get you a high-end product; you'd have to opt for commonly priced ones in the range of 0.6~0.9 yuan.
  3. Based on the occasion of use, this is also a commonly seen solution. Consider where the product is used. As mentioned, for decorative use on a spicy snack cart, you'd obviously opt for low-end products; the same goes for most doors and signage (brand stores and the like excepted). If a few buildings are cascaded for computer-synchronized online dynamic playback, you would naturally prioritize mid to high-end products over cheap, low-end ones.

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