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LED Point Light Source Installation Instructions

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LED Point Light Source Installation Instructions

The formula for calculating the appropriate number of lights per switch-mode power supply (SMPS) is: 0.75 watts/LED * 1.2 (LED reserve factor) * 1.2 (SMPS reserve factor) = 0.9W/LED. For example, a 240-watt SMPS can drive 400 to 500 lights. For LED point light sources that include an LED in each SMPS, use the rational number formula: 0.75W/LED * 1.2 (LED reserve factor) * 1.2 (SMPS reserve factor) = 0.9W/LED. Hence, the reasonable quantity of lights for a 240-watt SMPS is 400 to 500 units.

Wiring and Installation Method:

  1. One side of the chip should serve as the signal input end, with the non-chip side as the signal output end. Connect the public male and female connectors on each line.

Note: Red wire is V+ (positive), green wire is CLK (clock line), blue wire is DAT (data line), black and grey wires are GND or V- (negative). The grey wire is only present at both ends of each string and is parallel to the black wire.

  1. If there are a few light points, use the switch-mode power supply and connect as per the green dashed line.
  2. If there are many light points and flickering is observed after testing the lights, ensure the ground wire is correctly connected. You may add a wire from the GND of the light point following the erratic one to the controller's GND.


  1. This product uses a point-by-point control method, so the drilled hole positions and control file must match exactly (neither more nor fewer points). Arrange the positions as neatly as possible for a visually pleasing and regular effect, and to prevent pattern distortion.
  2. If flickering occurs, check whether the GND (ground) wire is connected to each power supply (common ground) or to the controller.
  3. The voltage should not exceed 12.5 volts. When VCC (red wire) is connected to the + pole of the switch-mode power supply, ensure correct connection. Incorrect connections may lead to the following issues: heating of the connection wire and lights not illuminating. Immediately turn off the power and stop electricity supply. (High voltage or incorrect connection to the + pole could damage the F30 smart LED point light source.)


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