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LED window light features

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When night falls, we look around the city and the first thing we see is the tall buildings. Now, LED architectural lighting has become the main project to enhance the city's night image. If a city wants to be attractive at night, it needs architectural lighting, not only the characteristic structure of the building, but also the lighting of office buildings at night is mainly decorated with LED window light.  

The distinctive feature of the office building is the window sill, which is used here with LED window lights. Why use LED window light? LED window light, what's so special? Let me explain in detail: many people use LED wall washers to illuminate the walls of building facades, but the light will be directly projected on a flat surface. But our LED window lights have a novel, fashionable, atmospheric and strong texture. LED window lights can not only generate light in three-dimensional space, but also easily make various effects, which can better highlight the silhouette of the building. Different building looks produce different effects.  

LED window lights can also be used in many places, such as the ceiling above the corridor of KTV, the lighting decoration of hotel window sills, exterior wall lighting projects, various monochrome and dynamic colored . It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor step lighting and lighting projects such as residential stairs, park square steps, roadside isolation belts, scenic step , etc.  

Product features of LED window lamp

1. Stylish design, 360-degree rotating lamp body design, lightweight, durable, made of space aluminum.  

2. Using ultra-concentrating lenses, anti-ultraviolet, light transmittance of more than 95%, not easy to corrode, not easy to damage.  

3. The outlet is made of stainless steel waterproof nut, rainproof and dustproof, waterproof grade IP65, and the base adopts sealed rubber ring to high-strength waterproofing.  

4. High quality power drive, ensure more than 50,000 hours of use. It has multiple protection functions such as short circuit protection, open circuit protection, and overheating protection.



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