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LED underwater lights' application

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LED inderwater light, also called LED underwater light isa type of lamp installed underwater. Its appearance is small and delicate, beautiful and generous. It looks similar to some buried lights, except for an additional mounting chassis, which is fixed with screws. Because LED underwater lights are used underwater, they need to withstand a certain pressure, generally using stainless steel materials, 8-10MM tempered glass, high-quality waterproof joints, silicone rubber sealing rings, curved multi-angle refracted tempered glass, waterproof and dustproof, anti-leakage, corrosion resistance.  

The application of LED underwater light

1. LED underwater light is a kind of underwater lighting with LED as the light source and red, green and blue mixed colors. It is perfect for fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial and artistic lighting. For better heat dissipation, it is recommended to only place it below the surface of the water.  

2. In order to make the LED underwater lamp achieve a good waterproof purpose, the protection effect of the LED underwater lamp should reach IP67 or above, and the lamp can be placed below 5m from the water surface. The optimal projection angle is 25°. The controller achieves synchronization and can be connected to the DMX console. Each unit has its own address, and the red, green, and blue light each consist of three corresponding DMX channels. There are two types of control: external control and internal control. Internal control can build multiple change modes (up to six) without an external controller, while external control can only configure an external controller to achieve color changes. Most of the applications on the market are externally controlled.  

3. Using the best ultra-bright LED as the light source, the bulb can be bright for 100,000 hours. Each underwater light consists of 360 light sources (120 red, 120 blue, 120 green). Good light source materials make the lamps last longer, and customers can get the most satisfactory lighting results.

4. The LED underwater light is connected to the control system through a five-core wire. The entire system includes a DMX controller, a distribution box, luminaires that can be placed in water and power distribution units.

5. LED underwater light has a movable fixed clip, which can adjust the angle and position of light projection. The entire luminaire is perfectly designed to prevent the corrosion of bromine and chlorine.

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