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Advantages and installation of LED wall washers

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LED wall washers are widely used in the entire outdoor lighting industry, mainly due to their own advantages LED wall washers are generally used for lighting the entire building wall or bridge surface. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, rich color and long use time, since 2013, the wall washers of other light sources have gradually been replaced by LED wall washers. Today I will talk to you about the advantages of LED wall washers.

1. LED wall washer has many colors, and the effect of a variety of wall washers can be changed through program control to make the lights colorful.   

2. The use time is very long, which can ensure continuous outdoor use for a long time, and will not affect the effectiveness of landscape lighting due to the lack of bright spots caused by environmental reasons.   

3. Waterproof and shockproof effect is good, do not worry about damage caused by sun and rain.   

4. LED wall washers are more energy-saving than traditional wall washers, and long-term large-area use can save objective electricity consumption for the city. And LED wall washer lights will not release harmful substances, green environmental protection, will not damage the environment.   

5. The installation of the invention is very convenient, eliminating cumbersome installation steps and saving installation costs. And it's good for updates and maintenance.

The wall washer lamp mainly adjusts the two-way luminous angle of the LED light source through secondary light distribution, and redefines its projection distance and concentration uniformity; The role of LED wall washer lamp is more focused on showing the appearance of the outline of the building from line to surface, which belongs to "face light" from the perspective of luminous effect. So how to install LED wall washers?   

1. according to the location of lamps and power supplies, make preparations before installation; When installing, adjust the irradiation angle of the wall washer lamp and fix the lamp firmly with screws;   

2. connect the lamp and the power cord firmly, and wrap the unused wire with waterproof tape; When installing wiring, the serial number of the wall washer lamp should be kept at about 5~6 to prevent the large back-end voltage drop when there are more series connections; 

3. After the installation is completed, please check the installation circuit first to confirm that the installation is correct and there is no electrical short circuit, and then turn on the corresponding control power; If there is a problem in the installation, please consult Hesheng's specialized technicians.   


1. When installing and maintaining, only by cutting off the power supply can the wall washer be operated;   

2. The lamp is only suitable for installation on the surface of non-combustible materials, no matter when, thermal insulation pads or similar materials can cover the surface of the lamp.

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