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Heat dissipation technology for LED wall washers

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For the birth of LED wall washers, it can be said that it has saved a lot of resources for our country, brought great help to our country's environment, and truly realized the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and green.

Nowadays LED wall washers have attracted much attention, and people are more and more recognized, and the sales are amazing. For LED wall washers, it can meet some requirements of rural areas, schools, development zones and municipal road lighting, and provide the overall service force of design, research and development and production. In terms of lighting products, it mainly includes LED wall washers, solar LED wall washers, traffic lights, etc.

For the installation and operation of LED wall washers Lumider provides comprehensive technical support without any quality problems. At the same time, LED wall washers have many significant advantages over traditional lamps.   

Generally, the heat dissipation technology of LED wall washer lamp head is a thermal conductive plate, which is a 5mm thick copper plate, which is actually a vapor chamber to equalize the heat source. There are also additional heatsinks to dissipate heat, but the weight is too heavy. Weight is important in a street light system.

Generally, the street lamp is six meters high. If it is too heavy, the danger increases, especially when encountering typhoons and earthquakes, accidents may occur LED wall washer manufacturers use needle heat dissipation technology. The heat dissipation efficiency of needle heat sinks is greatly improved compared to traditional chip heat sinks. It can make the LED junction temperature more than 15 °C lower than the ordinary radiator, and the waterproof performance is better than that of ordinary aluminum radiator. At the same time, its weight and volume have also increased.   

In the field of solar power generation, LED wall washers play an important role. The LED wall washer system adopts the form of "photovoltaic energy storage" and is a typical independent solar power generation system. The sunlight during the day is enough for photovoltaic cells to generate electricity, charge the battery, and discharge the battery at night to provide electricity for street lights. A typical LED wall washer system consists of a battery, a battery, a street light, and a controller. Its distinctive features are safety, environmental protection, energy saving, no need to lay complex pipelines, no manual work.

Speaking of which, everyone must have a question, what is the controller for? That's what I'm going to talk about today. In actual use, if there is no fair control of the battery, improper charging methods, overcharge and overdischarge will affect the battery life. In order to reduce the cost of protection, the battery should be charged fairly in an effective way, and of course, it should be discharged fairly.


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