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What is an LED SMD floodlight? Price of SMD floodlights.

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An LED SMD floodlight is a type of floodlight where LED beads are directly mounted onto a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) through the SMD process.

So, what exactly is the SMD process?

SMD (Surface Mounted Device) represents devices that are mounted directly onto the surface of a circuit board. It's a type of component in Surface Mount Technology (SMT). In the early stages of electronic circuit board production, through-hole assembly was entirely manual. The first batch of automation machines could place simple pin components, but complex components still required manual placement for reflow soldering. Surface-mounted components mainly include rectangular chip components, cylindrical chip components, composite chip components, and special-shaped chip components.

Does it sound complicated?

The light source of an SMD floodlight is called an SMD light source board or an SMD lamp board;

The production steps are as shown in the above video:

  1. Apply solder paste to the aluminum base plate using a custom steel mesh.

  2. Place LED beads onto the aluminum base plate using a Yamaha SMD machine.

  3. The lamp board with attached beads goes through a reflow soldering machine where the solder paste melts and solidifies, fixing the beads to the aluminum base plate.

  4. Testing

Before and after SMD on the aluminum base plate

SMD floodlight

SMD floodlight prices

The price of a 50W floodlight differs from that of a 100W floodlight, often by a factor of two; the higher the power, the larger the housing to ensure efficient heat dissipation, which in turn significantly extends the lifespan of the fixtures;

There are low, medium, and high-grade floodlights. The lower-grade ones are of poor quality, barely functioning, priced between 1.5 to 2 RMB; medium-grade ones are around 1.5 RMB, and high-grade ones are around 2 RMB or even higher. In this era of transparent pricing on the internet, many customers focus solely on price over quality, leading to fierce price competition in the LED lighting industry, with no floor to how low prices can go.

It's said, "Different strokes for different folks."

"Made in China" has been criticized for lacking standards. There is a wide range of products at different prices, from 1 RMB to 10 RMB, and the quality varies greatly. This situation is particularly challenging for customers who cannot differentiate between qualities, where many end up paying 10 RMB for something worth only 1 RMB. Personally, I prefer products with a quality guarantee, even if they cost a bit more. At least, it spares me many future troubles.

I resonate with the saying, "I'd rather explain the price for a lifetime than apologize for the quality for a lifetime."

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